Egg Diet Weight Loss Results
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How I Lost 7 lbs. In 36 Hours on an Egg Fast Diet

First off… Before I get onto my egg fast diet weight loss results. If you haven’t already, check out my post on how to get into ketosis quickly. That experience would change my life and the way I viewed food forever.

Simply put, the egg diet is just an offspring of a ketogenic diet with the exception of getting little to no carbs (unless you add veggies).

I’m excited to be writing this because it’s something I’ve done a lot in the past but never thought of it as an actual diet. I remember being young and not having much. I could always count on a good ole plate of scrambled, fried or even boiled eggs.

There were times when eggs were all I had to eat for weeks. I’ve always been a fan of eggs and can eat them by the dozen on a daily basis.

Not too long ago I lost my debit card and had to wait a few days before I got a new one. I only had around $20 give or take for food until my new card showed up.

I started to think about when I was young and had to eat eggs because, well let’s face it… A dozen eggs are Cheap! So I bought a carton, scrambled them in some butter and went to town.

At this point, I’d been on keto for about 9-10 months. My body fat percentages in single digits. But at the same time, I still had that little pudge at the bottom of my gut that I could not get rid of.

After the first day of just eating one dozen of eggs, I noticed that my lower gut has shrunk a little bit.

Then day two came and I bought another carton of eggs, noticed my stomach had shrunk a little more. After three days of eating just eggs, I lost 10 pounds and my lower gut was gone.

(I actually lost the 7 lbs in the first day and a half “36 Hours” and then increased my calories by adding butter to preserve muscle).

I thought I was on the something. So I thought to myself, I wonder if other people were doing the same thing. So I googled it, and noticed that it was actually a diet. I was shocked to see that people were actually using this method purposely to lose weight.

The egg fast diet is definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you’ve been eating healthy and exercising regularly, and you still have that little bulge at the bottom of your abs. This might be something you might want to look into.

Next I will go into more detail about the egg fast diet and if you think it’s for you give it a go.

My Egg Diet Review and Guide

Most low carb dieters like to use the egg fasting approach for breaking a plateau. I think the weight loss mainly comes from being on a calorie deficit while egg fasting. The great thing about eggs is that they make you feel full pretty much throughout the day.

I egg fast at least one day out the week for its simplicity and convenience. Not to mention I live alone…lol… So it really comes in handy when having a “very productive” day. I’m never “busy”…

I also suggest that you’ve been doing a low carb diet for at least two weeks before attempting an egg fast. The last thing I want for your cholesterol to skyrocket because you ate a ton of carbs the previous day. So please be careful!

What is the “Traditional” Egg Diet?

The egg fast diet (originally called “Egg Fest”) was made popular by Jimmy Moore. He used the egg diet to combat severe hyperinsulinemia.

His rules as follows:

  1. The primary source of protein and fat come from eggs .
  2. For “each” egg consumed, add one tablespoon of butter. I.e. (6 eggs = 6 tbsp of butter)
  3. You must eat at least “one” egg within 30 minutes after you wake up.
  4. You must eat your egg meals every 3 hours. If not, at least keep it within every 5 hours.
  5. Even if you’re not hungry, you must stick to the schedule.
  6. You can have once ounce of real cheese per egg.
  7. You must eat “at least” 6 eggs daily.
  8. The eggs you consume should be locally pasturized with vitamin D and omega-3’s.
  9. You must finish your last meal three hours before bedtime
  10. You are allowed to have up to three cans of diet soda daily. But aim for “one”.

My Strategy

Originally what I was doing was an all egg diet as stated above. Then when I saw the results of eating eggs with butter for a couple of days, I decided to incorporate egg based meals into my lifestyle.

Since eggs are the primary source of protein, I like to include green veggies and avocados for fiber. Depending on what I’m trying to accomplish, I may eat 2-4 avocados along with the eggs to keep from losing muscle mass.

My 3 Day Egg Diet Plan

Being that I intermittent fast for a 24 hour period, yes I eat one meal a day…lol… I like to eat all my eggs in one big meal at the end of the day.

A 24 hour fast is not for the faint of heart. And I do not recommend fasting for an entire day to lose weight. For me it’s convenient and I view food only as a fuel source (not entertainment).

So I created a plan based on regular eating schedules. And also the 16–8 rule of intermittent fasting. Try this for 3 days and see how it goes. If you like it, try adding more days as you see fit.

My Egg Fast Rules

Classic Schedule: (3 meals a day)

I would suggest eating eggs every meal whether it’s scrambled or boiled. Just make sure to get your fats. Also you might want to add green vegetables so you can get your fiber.

If you prefer boiled eggs, you may want to take a little coconut oil for added fats. You can also mix butter with spinach or broccoli and a little cheese.

I love choosing broccoli as a side for dinner because it’s over 90% water. You can eat a good amount of broccoli with very few calories.

Mini Meals: (6 meals a day)

If you are going to fix six meals a day. Then it pretty much works the same, just make sure you add your vegetables in at least one or two of the meals.

In this case, I would boil some eggs for most of the meals. And for dinner, I would get my additional veggies, fat, and cheese.

16:8 Intermittent Fasting: (eat within your 8-hour window)

With this one, you can be whenever you want to as long as it’s your eight-hour window. So if you’re fasting window is from noon to 8-pm.

  • Noon: 2 eggs with butter
  •  3pm: 2 hard boiled eggs
  •  5pm: 2 eggs
  •  7pm: 2-6 eggs with veggies, cheese, and butter. (depending on your weight-loss goals)

I should also note that: If you’re a male that’s trying to keep muscle, I would add in at least 1-2 avocados for added calories.

The Extreme Egg Fast!

If you want to lose weight quickly on an egg fast diet. Eat 6-8 eggs split between meals with butter. The egg diet works because the eggs make you feel fuller with fewer calories. No cheese, no veggies just butter. Take a multivitamin since you’re not eating vegetables!

The Egg Fast On Steroids!

I always get messages on Instagram and emails from women who have an emergency (wedding, event..etc…) coming up in a matter of days. And they want the Fastest way to lose weight on an egg diet no matter the circumstances.

I originally did not want to post this but… Maybe it will stop future emails/messages pertaining to this matter.

I do not recommend trying this but if you’re desperate it’s on youDon’t sue me!…lol

  • Drink your coffee or tea for breakfast as usual.
  • For lunch, get 4-6 eggs, salt & pepper.
  • Crack eggs and a place in a Tupperware.
  • Add salt & pepper to taste and stir.
  • Microwave for 30 sec. (with the lid off) then stir.
  • Repeat the process above stirring every 30 sec. at least 3-5 times until desired scramble texture.
  • For dinner just do the same thing (with 4-6 eggs). That’s it for the rest of the day!
  • Take a multivitamin or two.
  • No butter, cheese, vegetables or anything. Just eggs, salt, and pepper.

The trick is to make sure you stop and stir “every” 30 sec. Don’t let it scramble all the way! When you leave it moist, it gives the illusion of butter in the eggs while you’re eating them. I wouldn’t do this for any more than three days.

My Egg Diet Weight Loss Results

I admit… At 180 pounds I was very light on my feet… But at my height, I looked like a “Crack Head” so I had to put some weight back on.

I think part of the reason I allowed myself to get that lean is because I had a weight-loss obsession that developed from my results on the infamous keto diet..

With that being said, eggs are one of my go-to meals anytime during the week. I also like to eat one big breakfast as a meal for the day as well.

Other Variations

I understand that a lot of people are not a serious egg lover (like myself). And even those that do love eggs, will more than likely get tired of eating just eggs all the time, every day. That’s why I recommend that you add in other ingredients like meats, vegetables or anything that will add variety to your meals.

All Egg Diet

The all egg diet is pretty much nothing but boiled eggs. When I tell people that sometimes I may fast for 24 hours and eat a whole dozen eggs. The look on their face is priceless!

But I don’t recommend it, I’m just crazy like that…lol… Plus doing for consecutive days will make you hate eggs… You would also need multivitamins trying this.

Steak and Eggs Diet

The steak and eggs diet is one of the more popular egg fast diets. And there are a lot of success stories using this approach. I have personally never tried it. I’m not really a huge fan of beef.

On that note, I do eat pork steak and eggs every now and then. I think I might have burnt out on beef growing up as a kid. Being that I was “raised” a Seventh Day Adventist, I was not allowed to eat pork or seafood. Things are different now!

I digress…

If you love steak and eggs, then by all means give this a go. Just remember to add in a multivitamin or some veggies of some sort. I provided a little information  and recipe below because I couldn’t help myself…lol

Is Steak Healthy?

Steaks are good for low carb diets especially if you get the fatty cuts. The protein is good for your muscle tissue. It’s also a good source of vitamin B-12, iron and zinc. Plus if you’re bodybuilding, you’ll like the BCAA’s and creatine the steak has to offer.

A Quick Steak and Eggs Breakfast Recipe

egg fast diet
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Picture Credit:

I’m getting hungry just by looking at the picture…lol… This steak and eggs recipe is good for any time of the day. You can check it out here.

Bacon and Egg Diet

Now I’m not going to lie to you, I can eat bacon and eggs all day long. That’s what I love about a low carb lifestyle. I can eat as much bacon as I want despite what society led me to believe when I was growing up.

Bacon and Egg Recipes

These are some excellent bacon and egg recipes if you can’t help yourself and crave bacon and eggs every day. Don’t feel bad, sometimes I go on a bacon and egg binge for like three days straight…lol

Bacon Egg and Cheese

egg diet
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Picture Credit:

Low Carb Bacon Frittata

Hmm Hmm HMM!! I could eat about seven of these without blinking…lol.. This is a great addition to and egg fast diet. Add a couple of these puppies in during your egg diet and you’ll forget that you’re dieting!

Packed with dried parsley, pepper and salt, your family will love these as well. If you want to make them even better, add sauteed spinach, minced broccoli or spring onion. Yea!!!

I’m getting excited as I write this so please bare with me…

Bacon Egg Cups

3 Day Egg Diet
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Paleo Egg Cups

These tasty little suckers only take 18 min to cook total! You can do your basic egg fast diet during the day and eat a few of these for dinner!

Bacon and Egg Casserole

egg fast rules
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Kale, Bacon, and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Wow! You’re going to love this dish. It’s perfect for any low carb diet like paleo or a ketogenic diet. Plus you can make this for your family and eat a couple sections while you’re egg fasting…lol… Pretty slick Huh?

Egg White Diet

You’ve probably heard of people eating egg whites only as a healthier alternative to regular eggs and in a caloric-sense it is. But considering how little of anything is actually in egg white, nutritionally, it’s akin to eating pretty much nothing.

The yolk of the egg is where all of the vitamins, amino acids, and of course fat is located. Sure you’ll get some protein eating only egg whites, but how much would you have to eat to get a good amount?

I would recommend eating the yolk more than the egg whites itself, but that’s just my opinion…

Hard Boiled Egg Diet Review

Eating scrambled eggs with butter is one thing. But eating hard boiled eggs all day by itself is a different story. Because when you are on a low-carb plan, you want to make sure to get all of your fats.

Because the fats will be the primary source of our energy, our fuel. I always suggest eating hard boiled eggs on a bed of spinach salad with a little salt and pepper and olive oil.

Grapefruit and Egg Diet

I’ve heard of people losing a massive amount of weight on the egg and grapefruit diet. With this approach, it’s not about eating low carbs or high fats. This is more or less a calorie deficit type of diet.

28 Day Egg Diet

I don’t think I would ever try a 28 day egg diet to be honest. Doing an egg fast diet for 7 days was pretty tough (nothing but eggs, butter and a couple avocados).

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve made it this far down the post you know I love eggs. I can eat a massive amount of eggs in one sitting. But every day for nearly a month? I don’t think so…

Do Eggs Have Carbs?

Now you might be wondering if eggs have carbs in them. The bad news is yes they do have carbs. But the good news is that it’s around .6 per egg.

How Many Eggs Should You Eat a Day?

Now before you start going crazy over the cholesterol level. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, eggs only contain the good cholesterol that you want in your diet. This has been an ongoing discussion among nutrition experts.

Since I intermittent fast, I can consume a whole dozen eggs in one sitting. Some days I might even go as far as eating two dozen eggs. That’s only because I love eggs… Don’t judge me…lol

Before You Start!

It’s important that you’ve been carb restricted for at least 2-4 weeks. If you’re looking to start a low carb diet, I would suggest doing a low carb diet. If you’ve tried the egg fast diet, share your results in the comment section below…


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