What Happens if You Only Eat One Meal a Day
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What Happens if You Only Eat One Meal a Day

What happens if you only eat one meal a day? Will you lose weight or gain weight? Will you starve throughout the day? We have the answers…

About two years ago, I started eating one meal a day and I’ve been hooked ever since. When I first started my keto diet journey, I was eating three to four meals a day.

The issue was, at the time, I was a furniture mover and was pretty much on a truck from sun up to sun down. Since I Iived in Orlando (over-crowded), most of the time we were always in a hurry to get to the next stop so we could get done in time.

Sure my partners could easily stop at Burger King or a gas station and find a plethora of “JUNK”! But I was on keto so it was very difficult.

So about 2 months in and losing over 30lbs on keto, I decided to try intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting didn’t only made me happier and healthier, it has also made me more energetic.

At first, I was eating a 16/8 style fast which I talk about here. Then I would end up fasting for 18 hours because work really started picking up.

24 Hour Fasting Everyday

The thing that got me was I wasn’t hungry at all…

So I figured if I’m going to fast 18 hours, I might as well eat one meal a day. And that’s when everything changed as far as my view on meal timing.

I don’t eat as much as I used to since I’ve started eating one meal a day due to the fact that ketones are a very great source of natural energy.

Aside from having plenty of energy to last me the entire day, I always notice that when I do eat, I don’t l eat as much which save me money in the process…lol…

Plato once said: “I fast to give me better mental efficiency”.

“One-quarter of what you eat will keep you alive, the other three quarters will keep your doctor alive”… That’s a quote from Egyptian proverb.

The Romans used to lock people in rooms without food to cure them from being possessed… I find this pretty interesting to say the least.

Do you remember when breakfast was supposedly the most important meal of the day? I used to hear that a lot when I was younger and I still hear it to this day (especially from a mother).

Also, the way that I was raised is that you would have to eat three meals per day to remain healthy. I personally I don’t feel this is necessary and I think it’s backwards thinking…

Let me explain…

First of all… The big question is, who actually came up with the idea of eating three meals a day? Some suggest that eating three meals a day stems from whatever culture they were from.

When Europeans first came to America, they notice that native Americans were eating whenever they felt like it instead of eating in a structured format.

Plenty of evidence shows that back when we were hunters and gatherers, we probably ate one “BIG” meal by the end of the day or even went days without eating anything.

Before agriculture came along, it was nearly impossible to eat three meals a day. Back then, even older survivors had extremely robust bone density according to their fossils.

According to traditional science, 3 meals a day is sufficient for stable blood glucose which probably links to the fact that carbs get used up (or stored as fat) quickly that we would be hungry within hours of eating.

Is Eating One Meal A Day Bad For You?

In 1911, there was a book called “The Fasting Cure”.

The book was based on over 200 people all using a fasting protocol to relieve or even cure symptoms like arthritis, heart disease, headaches, colds, and even cancer.

In 2012, a doctor by the name of Dr. Alan Goldhamer stated how a 42 year old woman used a 21 day fast to cure her cancer.

Dr. Yoshinori Nagumo speaks about eating one meal a day in his book Kuufuku Ga Hito which means “hunger makes people healthy”.

Aging is actually cumulative damage to your DNA over the years. David Sinclair, a genetics professor states that not eating stimulates the Sirtuin proteins which are vital for repairing your DNA.

Mark Mattson a neuroscience professor at John Hopkins University showed how the growth of new neurons in the brain is promoted through fasting.

Makes you wonder why neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can be prevented through fasting.

24 Hour Fast Benefits

  1. Mark Maxim, a Neuroscience professor talks about how fasting improves the nerves cells ability to heal and repair DNA. I think this is pretty awesome!
  2. When you fast, you produce something called brain derived neurotrophic factor which activates our stem cells and creates new neurons.
  3. When you skip meals sometimes you’ll notice that you become more aware and alert. That’s because fasting improves your brain function.
  4. Studies also show that fasting decreases inflammation and oxidative stress (Just imagine combining that with a low carb keto diet). Amazing stuff!
  5. Fasting improves memory and decreases Alzheimer’s as we age.
  6. It improves cognitive function (right along with keto) while detoxing and cleansing the blood cells.
  7. Fasting promotes improvement in our cardiovascular system.
  8. You also produce more energy eating one meal a day because the body stops multitasking and has time to heal itself which is important for muscle recovery.  Plus the body has to produce toxins and hydrochloric acid to help digest the food which is a long process.
  9. Think about the mental discipline you gain from a 24 hour fast…
  10. Eating one meal a day also decreases your chance of eating foods that are not healthy for you as well. Sometimes bad eating habits occur when we’re bored.
  11. You emotional stability will begin to increase and you are more “awake” than ever before.
  12. You sleep improves as well since you’re not eating before bed. This allows your body to recover and repair itself without having to push taht aside to digest food.
  13. For me, eating one meal a day is super convenient. I don’t spend time thinking about food or preparing several meals during the day. This help me get more things done and gives me plenty of free time.

How to Eat One Meal a Day?

As far as eating one meal a day goes, I like to view food as (macros), not food. Meaning, I have to get a pound of meat, less than 20g of carbs, and as much fat until I’m full…

So today I had 16oz (1-pound) of pork sausage because it contains a lot of fat. I made 4 scrambled eggs an avocado. I’ll use 1/2 stick of butter (4 tbsp) for the eggs and sausage.

That will give me around 1600 or more calories (which I do not count but I will this time). I will get around 80g of protein from the eggs and sausage.

About 170g of fat since the sausage is high in fat plus the avocado, butter, and 5g of fat per egg. With the avocado, I get my potassium, magnesium, fiber, as well as other important nutrients.

I really don’t worry about the carbs from the avocado because the high fat/fiber negates the net carbs.

So to make it simple, some days I’ll have a pound of meat, a pound of broccoli and a half stick of butter. Then I’m full…lol

Some days I’ll eat a dozen eggs with 1/2 stick of butter and an avocado or spinach. Or I’ll keep it simple with a whole pack of bacon and a few eggs…lol…

Depending on your exercise level and intensity, and if your a woman, you may need as much protein as I do. You may only need 50-60g of protein, 125-150g of fat, and whatever veggies you like.

But I look at food as nutrition, fuel, and recovery… Not entertainment. So for some people, I’m a “boring” eater but it works for me.

You just have to find the correct amounts of your favorite foods and mix/match them throughout the week…

I wouldn’t jump right into a 24 hour fast though… Slow your road!

What happens if you only eat one meal a day? Well, now you know… Start out with a standard intermittent fast and then work your way to eating one meal a day…

Make sure to check out this egg diet plan if you’re getting started… If you have questions or need help, let me know in the comments below… Thanks! – Julius


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